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Joe Gray is a naturalist living in Hertfordshire, England, where he is the county recorder for shieldbugs and allies. He has a particular interest in temperate and boreal forest ecosystems and within this is focused on insect and arachnid conservation. He is a past Editor of the Hertfordshire Naturalist.

Joe also has a keen interest in ecological ethics. He is a Knowledge Network Expert for the United Nations' Harmony with Nature programme and a member of the Ecocentric Alliance, which is a global network that advocates for ecocentric thinking. Finally, he is a Founding Editor of a new ecocentric journal titled The Ecological Citizen.


FLS (Fellow of the Linnean Society)

FZS (Fellow of the Zoological Society of London)

MemRES (Member of the Royal Entomological Society)

MBNA (Member of the British Naturalists' Association)


September 2016 to present
Candidate for PhD in Biological Sciences* (part time), Royal Holloway
*PhD focusing on insect and arachnid conservation in temperate and boreal forests

MSc in Forestry (part time), Bangor University

MA in Zoology gratis, University of Cambridge

BA Hons in Zoology, University of Cambridge


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